How You Can Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

Help Parents You Know

  • Support parent education programs at your school or facility
  • Use positive discipline techniques
  • Support groups for single parents
  • Promote positive play interaction between parents and children
  • Reach out to parents who are struggling
  • Offer to help parents you know who are or might be under stress
  • Stay with the children while the parents take a break
  • Offer positive encouragement when you see a parent interacting positively with their child
  • Help parents talk with their children about safety issues

Help Yourself

If you are a parent under stress:

  • Ask for help
  • Learn about positive discipline
  • Learn about child development
  • Talk with other parents or join a parenting group
  • Act When You See A Child Mistreated in Public
  • Engage the parent and be sympathetic
  • Call the manager if you believe a child is in danger or
  • Call the local authorities yourself
  • Volunteer At a Child Abuse Prevention Program
  • Contact KIDS Place at 828 524-3199
  • Contact your local library or referral center for volunteer programs in your area

Report Suspected Abuse and Neglect

  • Advocate for Services for Families
  • Initiate or Support Public Awareness Activities
  • Participate in activities during April, “Child Abuse Prevention Month”
  • Contact Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina at 1-800-CHILDREN
  • Contact KIDS Place at 828 524-3199
  • Make a Contribution to a Child Abuse Prevention Program
  • Many child abuse prevention organizations are private, not-for-profit agencies
  • Your contributions of time or money is vital to he

Encourage people in your community to:

  • Advocate for policies in the workplace that are family friendly
  • Be a mentor to neighborhood youth
  • Help form an after-school “Safe House” for children in your neighborhood
  • Offer a helping hand to single parents or families under stress in your neighborhood
  • Intervene when you see a child being mistreated in public
  • Find ways to educate your community about the respect children need and deserve

The Faith Community’s Role in Child Abuse Prevention

Some things faith-based groups can do to prevent child abuse:

  • Copy and distribute materials on child abuse prevention
  • Offer respite care to congregation members in need of short-term relief
  • Provide information on child development and community resources during counseling sessions
  • Share information on how to report child abuse and neglect in church bulletins and newsletters
  • Train spiritual leaders to recognize the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect
  • Work with families and make appropriate referrals
  • Celebrate children and families by hosting a “Children’s Day”
  • Donate space for parent support groups or parent education programs

Business’ Role in Child Abuse Prevention

Some ways businesses can contribute to child abuse prevention:

  • Distribute Blue Ribbons to employees during April – Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Invite a child welfare worker to speak at a company function
  • Encourage employees to donate their time to child abuse prevention programs by offering paid
    leave for volunteer activities
  • Encourage the company to make a contribution to a non-profit child abuse prevention agency
  • Examine your business to see if it is ” Family Friendly.” Do policies allow parents to make their
    children a priority?

The Role of Media in Child Abuse Prevention

You can get the local media involved in child abuse prevention by asking them to:

  • Contact a prevention agency for story ideas, interviews, and information on child abuse
  • Profile community leaders, teachers, and parents who take an active role in child abuse
    prevention in “people who make a difference stories”
  • Develop news stories educating the public about the effects of child abuse and neglect
  • Follow tragic news stories about child abuse with stories on how to prevent similar tragedies in
    the future
  • Donate print space or airtime for child abuse prevention messages
  • Publicize local businesses efforts to participate in child abuse awareness activities

Advocate for Children

  • Vote
  • Support public figures who support programs that protect children
  • Encourage lawmakers to support legislation that strengthens families and protects children
  • Write to your legislators and let them know that child abuse is an issue they should care about

Get involved with a local organization that supports child abuse prevention issues

You can get the local media involved in child abuse prevention by asking them to:

  • Contact the Covenant with NC’s Children and find out about pending legislation issues that
    affect children in our state. 919-832-6623 or
  • [source: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Manual: Prevent Child Abuse NC]