What is Child Abuse?

Child Abuse is any non-accidental injury or pattern of injuries to a child.

Types of Abuse

Physical Abuse is any non-accidental physical injury to a child. This can include beating, harmful restraint, use of a weapon or instrument, or actions that results in or could result in serious physical injury.

Sexual Abuse is any sexual behavior imposed on a child. This involves a range of activities including fondling of the genital area, masturbation, oral sex, or vaginal or anal penetration by a finger, penis or other object. It can also include exhibitionism, child pornography and suggestive behaviors or comments.

Emotional Abuse is a pattern of verbal assaults or coercive measures against a child which is destructive to a child’s sense of self-worth. This is evidenced by severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal, or aggressive behavior by the child towards himself or others.

Child Neglect is serious disregard for the child’s supervision, care, or discipline. This is evedienced by a child who does not receive the proper care, supervision or discipline, who has been abandoned, has not received needed medical care, lives in an environment injurious to their welfare, has not been provided with necesssary food or clothing or has not received proper education.